Well Educated People Part 1: Educational Building‘Shikyou-kan’


Well Educated People Part 1
Educational Building‘Shinkyou-kan’

         In the late 18th century, the Takeo educational building, called Shikyou-kan, was opened as an educational system for the children of vassals in Takeo. At this building, the students were taught general studies as well as military science. This Takeo educational building was in Nishidakoji below Tsukasaki castle. Male children who were born into samurai families had a duty to study from 8 until 20 years of age. Until they were 14 years old, students could choose to go to other private schools in the territory instead.
         About 230 students studied at the Takeo educational building. Classes started at five o’clock in the morning and continued until nine o’clock at night. During the time of Shigeyori Nabeshima, Shigeyoshi Nabeshima and Shigeharu Nabeshima, the literary and military arts were encouraged. So, the educational building produced many talented individuals.

‘Shinkyou-kan’ arrangement plan

‘Shinkyou-kan’ arrangement plan
Taisyo period, dated 1923
The Takeo Nabeshima family archives

‘Shinkyou-kan’ Outline

Shinkyou-kanYouryaku (‘Shinkyou-kan’ Outline)
Meiji period, dated 1882
The Takeo Nabeshima family archives


map of hizen


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