icon  The Goto Family of Takeo
icon  The Establishment of the Nabeshima Family of Takeo
icon  Saga Domain and the Takeo Territory
icon  Beginning of Dutch Studies in Takeo
icon  Isolationism and Dejima Island
icon  The Phaeton Incident
icon  Shigeyoshi Nabeshima, the Architect of Dutch Studies in Takeo
icon  The Spread of Western Medical Science in Takeo
icon  Ryoan Nakamura and Japan’s First Vaccinations
icon  The First Casting of a Mortar - The Cannons Hidden in Takeo
icon  The Beginning of Western Gunnery - The Gunnery of Takeo - Shuhan Takashima
icon  Technological Achievement Part 1 - Cannon Casting in Takeo
icon  Technological Achievement Part 2 - From Takeo Territory to Saga Domain

icon  The Meiji Restoration and Takeo - Shigeharu Nabeshima and the Takeo Unit
icon  Development of Geography - The Terrestrial Globe
icon  Curiosity About the Universe - The Celestial Globe
icon  Celestial Observation and Measuring the Earth - Equipment for Measurement and Telescopes in Takeo
icon  Various Sciences and Technologies Part 1 - Takeo Glass
icon  Various Sciences and Technologies Part 2 - Development of Gunpowder and Firing Techniques
icon  Various Sciences and Technologies Part 3 - Feudal Lord of Takeo’s San no Maru Kiln
icon  Well Educated People Part 1 -   Educational Building‘Shinkyou-kan’
icon  Well Educated People Part 2 - The Spread of general Studies and the People of Takeo
icon  From Takeo to the World - Masuka Yamaguchi and the Iwakura Mission to the West 


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