The Spread of Western Medical Science in Takeo

Shigeyosi Portrait

Siebold Portrait
Edo period, dated 1859
Takeo City Possession

         During the warring states period, Japan received both Western guns and Western medical science. Despite the presence of Western medical science, Chinese medical practices were still used primarily.
         Western medical practices were actively employed from around the middle of the 18th century. Since Western medical science was seen as highly useful, it was one of the first elements of Dutch studies widely adopted.
         At this time, there were many private Dutch studies schools in Japan. For example, there was the Narutaki private school created by Siebold. Some Takeo people attended the private school owned by Gemboku Ito in the Edo area and the private school owned by Seishu Hanaoka in the Ki area. Thanks to their efforts, Western medical science took root in Takeo.


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