Shigeyoshi Nabeshima, the Architect of Dutch Studies in Takeo

Shigeyosi Portrait

Shigeyosi Nabeshima Portrait
Silk-cloth-for-painting coloring
dated 1928
Old Possession of The Nabesima family of Takeo

         The 28th feudal lord of Takeo, Shigeyoshi Nabeshima was the brother-in-law of Naomasa Nabeshima, the 10th feudal lord of the main branch of Saga domain. Shigeyoshi Nabeshima is remarkable because he was chosen as the head vassal of the Saga domain at the young age of 23.
         Around 1830 while he was in charge of guarding Nagasaki, Shigeyoshi Nabeshima toured a Dutch ship and was deeply impressed by the advanced Western science. After that experience, he decided to bring these advancements to Takeo. As a part of this effort, he imported state-of-the-art flintlock guns, Western artillery tactics, Western cannon casting techniques, vaccinations, glass production methods, photography, and steam boat manufacturing.


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