The Goto Family of Takeo

Takaakira Statue

Takaakira Goto Statue
White porcelain
Old Possession of The Nabesima family of Takeo

         The Nabeshima family of Takeo was known as the Goto family until their 20th generation. Noriakira Goto, who won the Zenkunen War, became the head of Tsukasaki. Due to this, the Takeo area was known as the Goto area at the time. The Goto family was originally known as the Fujiwara family but Noriakira’s grandfather was the lord of Higo and started to use the Goto name. He created the Goto name by taking one character from both Fujiwara and Higo.
         Then, as time passed, the Goto’s power spread. They grew to be a leading family in Kishima County during the warring states period. When his power was at its height, the 19th head of the Goto family, Takaakira Goto, repeatedly fought with Omura City. Eventually, the Goto family decided to get help from Takanobu Ryuzoji to help calm their family feuds. As a result, they were absorbed into Ryuzoji’s power.

the Goto family genealogy

The Goto family of Takeo genealogy

Edo period, The 17th or 18th century, The Takeo Nabeshima family archives


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