The Establishment of the Nabeshima Family of Takeo

         The 20th head of the Goto family, Ienobu, was the third son of Sengoku leader Takanobu Ryuzoji. Takanobu Ryuzoji was known by the nickname of “Nabob Futajima five states”. Ienobu became the adopted son of the Goto family. During the warring states period, the real power in Saga was transferred to the Nabeshima family from the Ryuzoji family. Since the Goto family was subservient to them as well, the 21st head of the Goto family, Shigetsuna, elected to take the Nabeshima name.
         The Takeo Nabeshima family was directly under the Ryuzoji family. Therefore, the Takeo Nabeshima family as well as the Taku, Suko Nabeshima and Isahaya families were regarded as being equal to the Saga branch of the Nabeshima family. The Takeo Nabeshima family was awarded autonomy in their area and served as chief counselors.

Takeo foot-of-the-castle-wall mansion figure

Takeo foot-of-the-castle-wall mansion figure

Edo period, The 19th century, The Takeo Nabeshima family archives



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