Curiosity About the Universe - The Celestial Globe

Celestial globe

Important Cultural Property
Celestial globe
By Valk, Netherlands, dated 1750
The Takeo Nabesima family archives

         A celestial globe is a sphere with the earth at the center that demonstrates the positions of celestial objects based on terrestrial observations. On a celestial globe, constellations and other heavenly objects are positioned relative to points that are directly below them on the terrestrial globe. Astronomical observations were extremely important for traveling safely by sea and measuring distances and directions on the earth. Because of this, astronomy and geography were inextricably linked during this time. As a result, celestial and terrestrial globes were used in pairs at the time.
         According to the note of authentication and the Nagasakikatahikae, the celestial globe and terrestrial globe in Takeo were bought as a pair in 1844.


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