Various Sciences and Technologies Part 2
Development of Gunpowder and Firing Techniques

         In the Western military training introduced in Takeo, phase diagram balls, a type of shell, were required. This type of shell made the military more effective by improving range, speed and allowing information gathering during day or night.
         In the beginning, the saltpeter used in the phase diagram balls was imported, but was later produced within the Takeo territory. It is said that the name of the Dzumeki area can be traced back to the method of saltpeter production involving the internal organs of animals practiced in that area.
         Also, efforts were made to produce percussions caps for igniting gunpowder.

The text of saltpeter manufacture

  (The text of saltpeter manufacture)
By SATO Nobuhiro, Edo period, dated 1854,
Takeo City Possession

The note of the workmanship of the fireworks for a signal

Important Cultural Property
  (The note about the workmanship of the fireworks for a signal)
By TAKASHIMA Syuhan, Edo period, dated 1838,
The Takeo Nabeshima family archives



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